Benefits of Electric Cars

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Electric cars have come a long way. Modern electric cars, like the Chevy Bolt EV, deliver an intoxicating mix of instant torque, smooth acceleration, and responsiveness that rivals the latest sports cars. What’s more, they pump out all that performance while emitting zero tailpipe pollution. 

And that’s just one of the environmental benefits of electric cars! We haven’t even talked about the financial benefits of these vehicles. As EV technology continues to advance rapidly, these zippy, green machines are leaving petrol-powered cars in the dust. Let’s take a closer look at the other benefits of electric vehicles available to Champlin drivers like you.



Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars

  • Electric vehicles release zero tailpipe emissions, allow you to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Over their lifetime, EVs produce less than half the carbon dioxide of gas cars.
  • As more power plants go renewable, the environmental benefits of electric cars will increase exponentially.
  • Less pollutants in the air result in a healthier environment for all.

Performance Benefits of Electric Cars

  • Floor the pedal and get pinned by immediate, unrelenting torque.
  • No waiting for gas engines to spool up.
  • Low center of gravity from heavy battery packs.
  • Razor-sharp steering since massive power doesn’t require large engines up front.
  • EVs handle twisty roads with aplomb.

Financial Benefits of Electric Vehicles

  • Home charging provides an alternative to costly fill-ups at the gas station.
  • Fewer moving parts and no engine oil means fewer trips to the service center.
  • Electric car batteries are required by U.S. law to be covered under a minimum eight-year warranty.
  • Federal tax credits can lower purchase price by up to $7,500.
  • State and local incentives can provide additional savings for Blaine drivers.

Check Out the Electric Vehicles at Mauer Main Chevrolet of Anoka

The future is electric, and EV performance is jolting the industry. Check out the newest models from Mauer Main Chevrolet and get a charge from cutting emissions without sacrificing excitement. You can learn even more by checking out our post on how long it takes to charge an electric car. Remember, we’re just down the road from Brooklyn Park. So, drop by or contact us today. 


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