Do Electric Cars Have Transmissions?

Transmission Cross Section Close-Up

The popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow among many Champlin shoppers. If you’re particularly interested in an electric vehicle like the Chevy Bolt EV or Chevy Bolt EUV, it’s likely because you need something that can help you save on gas during your commute. While not having to fill up at the pump is certainly a highlight of EVs, one of the other highlights is the lower amount of maintenance. Many standard vehicles have an engine and transmission that’ll need regular maintenance to run smoothly.

While you’ll still need to schedule service with an electric vehicle, there are fewer moving parts to worry about. So, do electric cars have a transmission? Yes, while there are fewer moving parts in an EV, they still do have a transmission. However, that transmission is likely different from the transmission in other vehicles. Learn more about the transmission and gears on an electric car today with Mauer Main Chevrolet!

How Many Gears Are on Electric Cars?

Although EVs have a transmission, they’re different from the transmission that’s found in standard vehicles. This is because an electric motor can produce near-instantaneous torque, unlike an internal combustion engine. Because of this, there’s no need to “rev” the engine to make peak power during your Blaine drives.

So, what does that mean for gears on an electric car? It means that most EVs have a single-speed transmission. This allows electric vehicle drivers to use up all the power in their vehicle as soon as they step on the accelerator. Here’s how an electric vehicle powertrain works:

  1. When you step on the accelerator, electricity is sent from the battery to the electric motor.
  2. As the motor spins, it also spins the gearbox. The gearbox is what most drivers refer to when they’re talking about the transmission in an electric vehicle.
  3. As the electric motor and gearbox spin, your EV will begin to move. Some electric motors can rotate up to 20,000 rpm. By contrast, most internal combustion engines on a vehicle only rotate up to 7,000 rpm.
  4. When you put your electric vehicle into reverse, the electric motor essentially spins backward, unlike in a standard vehicle where there’s a separate gear in the transmission so that you move in reverse.

Do You Have to Maintain Electric Car Transmissions?

Many Brooklyn Park drivers praise EV ownership because of lower maintenance. No internal combustion engine means no engine oil to worry about, thus eliminating the need for oil changes. However, since electric vehicles do have transmissions (or something akin to them), will you still need to maintain them? The short answer is yes. While electric vehicles have a single-speed transmission, you’ll still likely need to maintain it depending on your specific model.

Some EVs actually have transmission fluid that will need to be exchanged during recommended intervals. Not all electric cars have transmission fluid though so we suggest you reference your owner’s manual for specifics on transmission maintenance. You can also work with our service department if you’re unsure about maintaining your EV transmission.

Experience an Electric Vehicle Today at Mauer Main Chevrolet!

If you’re ready to experience the transmission in an EV on the Anoka roads, be sure to give the experts at Mauer Main Chevrolet a visit. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


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