Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

Adding oil to engine

Oil changes are not what they used to be. Thanks to modern manufacturing and engineering, internal combustion engines are more stout, robust, and efficient than ever before. That’s why later-model vehicles don’t need oil changes every 3,000 miles anymore. Now, they might need oil changes for 5,000 to 7,500 miles, or even up to 15,000 miles for luxury, high-end sports cars. Even better, newer vehicles use an oil change monitoring system to tell you when it’s time for your next oil change.



When you come to our service center from Champlin and Brooklyn Park, you can select synthetic vs. conventional oil (also called regular oil) for your vehicle. If you’ve been wondering about the differences between synthetic oil vs. regular oil, then you’ll love this guide. Read on to find more details about which one is better for your car! Then, feel free to contact us, schedule service, or call (763) 575-7806. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

What Is Conventional Oil?

So when discussing synthetic oil vs. conventional oil, the most important aspect is to distinguish between the two types. Conventional oil comes from crude petroleum, mined from the ground and refined to make it work in your internal combustion engine. Like any oil, it’s a translucent amber color. Conventional oil lubricates your vehicle’s pistons as they move up and down. Its job is to reduce wear on those engine parts, preventing overheating, friction, and breakdowns. When you change your vehicle’s oil regularly, it can make your engine last longer. Conventional oil is also the least expensive option when you get an oil change. But it may not be the best option for the long-term ownership of your vehicle in the synthetic vs. conventional oil debate.

What Is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil, just like conventional oil, comes from crude petroleum. However, the main difference is that refineries can custom-make fully synthetic oils with enhanced lubrication properties and stabilizers that make them last longer than conventional motor oil. Refineries produce synthetic motor oil to the exact requirements of the manufacturer to minimize wear and tear on the engine as much as possible. Synthetic oils oxidize less easily than conventional oils, allowing them to retain their protective properties for many more months and miles. That’s why you can go longer between oil change intervals when you use synthetic vs. conventional oil.

Synthetic vs Conventional Oil: Costs

The lone downside is that synthetic motor oils are more expensive than regular oils at the time you get your oil change. Over time, it’s cheaper because you don’t bring your car in for as many oil changes. Plus, having better wear protection improves the return on your investment for several years because your engine lasts longer. For example, you might change your oil once every 3,000 miles at $50 for a conventional oil change but then once every 7,500 miles at $85 for a synthetic oil change. In that same time frame, you would have spent $100 for two conventional oil changes, so you save $15. And, your engine receives better protection against wear because fully synthetic oil works so much better than conventional oil.

Synthetic oils also:

  • Handle lower temperatures more easily, which is one key for frigid MN winters.
  • Offer enhanced engine cleaning properties with added cleansers to keep the oil more viable for a longer time between oil changes.
  • Protect turbocharger parts (when equipped) better in smaller engines to help them run more efficiently.

Full Synthetic Oil vs. Synthetic Blends

Synthetic blends of motor oils provide a third choice for car owners. These offer a mixture of synthetic oil and conventional oil to reduce the costs of your fully synthetic oil change while giving you some benefits of synthetic oil. It’s less expensive, but the effectiveness of the oil isn’t quite the same as full synthetic oil. 

Many modern vehicles require full synthetic oil as stated in the owner’s manual. Check your owner’s manual or vehicle’s information center, or contact our service experts, if you’re not sure what type of oil your vehicle needs. We’d be happy to help you determine the best type of motor oil for your internal combustion engine.

Schedule an Oil Change Near Brooklyn Park

When choosing between synthetic vs. conventional oil, we highly recommend synthetic for your vehicle. Take better care of your vehicle by stopping by our service center for an oil change when it’s ready. You’ll get more out of your vehicle, and the engine will last longer to prevent higher repair costs later.

Check out our service coupons to see if you can save money on your next maintenance, repair, or oil change. Make sure to read our service tips and service information hub to get the most out of your vehicle ownership. We’re happy to help in any way we can!


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